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Molly + Josh: Perfect Marquette, MI Wedding

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2017-08-15_0006The day that “Molly and Josh” became “Mr and Mrs Neudorfer” could not have been more perfect. The two celebrated their commitment in Molly’s hometown of Marquette, Michigan. From the Mother of the Bride’s handmade bouquets from her garden, to the family and friends who celebrated with the couple – at the end of the night, my cheeks hurt from smiling!

The ceremony was held at the historically gorgeous Landmark Inn. Molly was vibrant in a Vera Wang wedding gown, and carrying a fairy tale bouquet from Lutey’s Flower Shop. As previously stated, Molly’s mom made all of the bridesmaid bouquets with flowers from her beautiful garden. Throughout all of the excitement and wedding day buzz, you could literally feel the love of Molly and Josh. Soulmates, with the perfect little family, that’s just what they are!

Beyond Perfect

The two met quite a few years back while working together on various real estate/development projects. Molly admits to having a crush on Josh from the beginning, but their circumstances just weren’t right at the time. After Molly changed jobs and didn’t see or speak to Josh for almost a year, he reached out to grab a beer and catch up. “I still have the voicemail saved on an old phone,” Molly says laughing, “and, as cheesy as it sounds, if it can get cheesier than keeping a 2-year-old voicemail, the rest is history.”

That beer turned into a date and the two have been together ever since. This time, they both found themselves at a spot in life where everything just fell into place.

“It is kind of crazy for me to think about, because we are totally soul mates; he’s completely my person. And if someone would’ve asked me 5 years ago if I thought the outcome of my little crush would be what it is, I would’ve blushed and laughed hysterically. But now I’m married to that man, who happens to also be my best friend” – Molly Neudorfer


Beautiful Little Family

The two were legally married last August, and saw this as a celebration of commitment with their loved ones. Molly has an 8-year-old daughter, Dylan, and Josh has two beautiful young ladies Hannah and Zoe. Raising three girls keeps these two crazy busy! Winters are filled with girls hockey, the warmer months with softball and little league. Living nearby Lake Michigan, in a suburb of downtown Milwaukee, the family spends copious amounts of time at the beach. Molly and Josh have transformed the yard of their 100 year old farmhouse, hand picking rock gardens that are bigger than Molly likes to admit. “Beautiful, but we must look foolish carrying 50lb bags of rocks around,” she says. “Foolish or not it’s extremely relaxing, and with Josh’s degree in Hydrogeology, it’s always a learning experience as well.”

The Neudorfer’s take advantage of their home’s amazing bike paths, and also enjoy catch & release fishing in the Milwaukee river. You can pretty much find them doing something outdoors every dang day. Molly and Josh have seen quite a bit of the world together, and hope to continue making travel a priority the rest of their lives!

I am such a lucky bird to have experienced the enveloping love of these two. Thank you, Molly and Josh, for giving me the pleasure of documenting your special day. It is an experience I will never forget!

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