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Showcase: Monocle Jewelers

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boatMy cousin Ryan Morley is so much more to me than family – he’s one of the best people I know! Currently, this go-getter is building a business from the ground up. In early June, he opened Monocle Jewelersa hip and unique jewelry store in  Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. You may be wondering how a young man ends up in the jewelry business. Ryan was literally born into it. His mother, Erika, was sole owner of Ryan’s Jewelry. His namesake store, Ryan grew up inside those walls, gaining appreciation, knowledge, and passion for the business. Even though having a store named after you is pretty dang cool, Ryan seized the opportunity to re-brand the business.boat-9

The History

Erika’s love for jewelry began when she was 14. She rode her bike down to Jean’s Jewelry, the original store in the future Ryan’s Jewelers location.

“I locked my bike to the railing on the side of the building and went in to buy my first good piece of jewelry. After buying a few pieces here and there, life takes over and you find yourself married with a child…although a little sparkle mixed in always makes a girl smile.”

In November 1999, Ron, the owner of Jean’s Jewelry, announced he would be closing the store. At that time there was no one to take over the family business. “During a conversation on that fateful day in ’99, Ron laughed and said ‘Do you want to buy a jewelry store?’” Erika remembers.

With no experience owning a business or working in a jewelry store, Erika decided to go for it. In March of 2000, when Ryan was 10 years old, Ryan’s Jewelry opened its doors. A few years later, Erika bought the building that housed Ryan’s Jewelry. She single handily built the business and was a huge success! That is where Ryan began to hone his skills. He spent time observing both the goldsmith and his mother, as well as learning about engraving. During sidewalk sales, he gained the experience of cleaning jewelry. After years of observing the ins-and-outs of the business, he became a sales associate.
In 2014, Ryan moved back to Sault Ste. Marie from California, planning to start a career at Ryan’s Jewelry. Long standing patrons and new customers alike loved having the Ryan help them. He began taking classes to earn his graduate gemology degree. “Without prompting I received reports from colleagues of how well he was doing and how excited they were to have him there on his own, proving once again he had found his professional calling,” Erika says.

Go, Ryan, Go!


Making sure to incorporate the history of his mother’s store, Ryan, who is GIA-Diamond certified, worked to set his business apart. In order to expand the store’s reach to the younger demographic, he created a hip and eclectic atmosphere.

I’m happy to be providing impeccable service to the Eastern Upper Peninsula as a second generation owner and jeweler, leading a reputable independent jewelry store. I love making special moments, like purchasing an engagement ring, as personable and seamless as possible. –  Ryan Morley, Owner, Monocle Jewelers

Ryan strives to create a custom, one-of-a-kind experience no matter what geographic location. He has a third generation goldsmith that handles repairs of all kinds, proving a huge asset to the company. Pieces range from fun silver pieces, like various custom made Upper Peninsula inspired pieces, to unique diamond jewelry. Monocle Jewelers is seasonal jewelry store that treats each repair and purchase with the same care they would a family heirloom.boat-5boat-7 I can say, without a doubt, that Ryan Morley is the best at what he does. Monocle Jewelers offers a personable touch to the often mundane jewelry buying experience. 

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