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Devotin’ Full Time to Floatin’: Peek at our Summer Home

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My babe, Jim, and I always head to Michigan for the summer. After spending the rest of our year abroad (Jim plays professional hockey overseas), it’s so refreshing to be in our element, re-connectng with family and friends. Last year, we bought a  30ft vintage Chris Craft wooden boat. We decided this was the year to break it in, so we’ve made ole’ Chris, and the St. Mary’s River (Sault Ste. Marie), our summer residence.

Growing up on the shores of Lake Superior, I’ve always loved the water. Living that floating life 24/7 has been an adjustment for sure, but it’s one more adventure I’m so grateful to share with my loves.


The Beginning

Our boat, which is named Knight-N-Gale, was purchased from the sweetest couple ever. Gary and Margaret owned the boat for many years. They loved it to no end, sharing the most amazing stories with us of adventures on the river. Gary has been running boats on the St. Marys forever. Keeping a vintage wooden boat in tip-top shape is hard work, and Gary has guided us through the process. He also taught us how to drive! We’ve become great friends with these two, and are so grateful for their guidance.

Summer Life on the Water

Every morning we wake up early and sip our coffee while the river sits still, lookin’ clear as glass. The water is officially the best backyard ever – we try to live as Green as possible in order to preserve it. All of our meals are cooked on our grill or two top stove, including the dinner parties we’ve been throwing. I am a fan of hosting any sort of party, but the floating variety is definitely my favorite so far.

As a business owner, I am constantly working. The happy, adventurous lifestyle our boat-home gives us makes that reality a lot sweeter. I am able to take in sunrises or sunsets on the water while editing shots, grab a paddle boarding break while finalizing contracts, or listen to the calming sound of rain on the roof while brainstorming. On the weekends, snuggling up with my babes and our pooch in the serene atmosphere is a feeling next to none.

In many ways, living on a boat is like a never-ending adventure. The freedom of being able to move around with your home is so exciting. We are always taking it out to explore Sugar Island, and are currently planning our longest trip yet to Mackinac Island.


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